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Post PC?

Post PC… we have all heard the term thrown around loosely lately. Its ubiquity has fueled countless page views and a copious amount of flame wars. In short, its been every bloggers wet dream. Weary and dreary from various articles posted by armchair critics on their 16th minute of fame devoid of any personal opinion wantonly regurgitating the death of personal computing, I followed the smoke hoping to find a find a fire. I will spare you the anguish of said articles. If you must, a quick Google search should reveal more than you could ever want to know. Arguments from both sides.

I’m not really interested in prophecies, neither am I with quoting myself nor providing solace to my ego 5 years later that I was right. Everything runs its course, even the digital age we’re currently in. Tech being like seasons, always has a company that is the soundtrack to a generation, that is to say, there’s always a company fueling its ambitions with your wallets. Perseverance always pays the patient; we are now in an Age of Empires dominated by both Apple and Google.

Whether YOU believe it’s Microsoft, Apple or Google is entirely subjective. One thing is certain though, we all benefit and our way of life is collectively lifted. Ever since Steve Jobs threw his weight behind the post pc movement, everyone I know including their grandmothers have quoted him and naturally their perceptions shifted. While his insight is invaluable, one also has to wonder how much of it was a sales pitch to further his iPad agenda and ultimately Apples’.

I love PCs, and I’m sure most of you still do. Having your opinion skewed by limiting your horizons only serves to cripple your peripheral vision to tunnel. Just last week I invested in another computer with the sole purpose of enriching my digital life. Why? Because it still works! We’re not there yet…. we are still playing around with idea of portable not post pc.

Having owned multiple tablets, netbooks, laptops and a myriad of smart phones, it’s safe to assume we all know intimately the limitations possessed by each. The Achilles heel of mobile computing lies in what powers it, battery life. The only technology that has yet to benefit from all of this. 

 Sometimes if it is broke, improve it. That does not mean replace it.

Galaxy Nexus or is it Nexus Prime…?

After taking a lengthy sabbatical from updating this blog trying to figure out what I want to do and which tech to lust after, up popped the Galaxy Nexus. While I’m not the first to admit, the name was somewhat anti-climactic after the bar was raised with the Nexus Prime moniker. Hey Google, I will totally understand if you decide to rename this thing at any point before launch. So what makes the Galaxy Nexus THAT special? Well special enough to resuscitate me back to writing again. I think the answer is simple… it looks freaking awesome!! 

This is one of those moments I’m completely unafraid to let my geek flag fly. Some things just transcend social borders and kick open the mainstream acceptance doors. I think 3rd time’s the charm for Google. The Galaxy Nexus has managed to stir up more excitement than any of its previous incarnations. I even had a couple of friends which are firmly in the Apple camp stay up late and watch the unveiling in Hong Kong. That speaks volumes as to its appeal. Or it could just be a case of keeping your enemies closer?

 So what do we know about the Galaxy Nexus, well for one it can’t get here soon enough. 2. it’s rocking the latest iteration of Android, Ice cream sandwich. This by all accounts is the most substantial UI/ UX update to date. 3. There’s a ton of features too numerous to mention jam packed, but neatly packaged NOT to make it appeal to only the geek squad. 4. The hardware, while most were expecting a sextuplet-core, 20MP camera laden phone like the Nexus One, which was about pushing boundaries appears modest to some, I believe this time around Google was more about refining the user experience. And I could go on…

So my virtual friends, there you have it. Armed with little more than tech lust, the Galaxy Nexus has revived my fledgling blog. As to availability, well the Europeans get first dibs on this. And I’m sure before it arrives this side of the pond, courtesy of YouTube and the magic of unboxings, we’ll know more about this phone than we ever did about our lover’s secret desires.

Is It Better To Have Lusted and Lost?


Good things come to those who wait, at least thats how the story goes. The fairy tale ending I’ve promised myself has slowly mutated into a clown straight out of a Stephen King nightmare. Most of us prefer to think of ourselves as somewhat abreast with the latest and greatest. For me however, sound decision and impulse have been mutually exclusive. If patience being a virtue is rated a solid 10, my rating would hover at best around a 5, and that’s being entirely generous. Impulse and patience are eternal foes, but which of the two are you guilty of?

In my case, the former has prevailed more often than I would like to admit. My purchase of a Macbook Pro a month before the release of the Sandy bridges version is a testament to that. Despite fair warning, I went ahead and swiped my credit card knowing my laptop would be obsolete within the month. Overcome with buyers remorse and past the return policy, I rationalized for my daily use, the power afforded by the previous version would be enough, ironically, it is more than adequate! So why did I still suffer from buyers remorse? What causes us humans to lust after the newest even though what we currently have suffices and in some instances exceeds?

In my case, it was financially driven. Why spend the same amount of money buying an older model when for a little more, I could get a freshly minted version? The tougher question to ask is who’s really to blame at the core of it all, is it the supplier or the consumer? The answer gets murky very quickly… where does one place the blame for an addiction, with the addict or the supplier?